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Kinematically Aligned Total Knee Replacement

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Orthopedic Surgeon For Total Knee & ACL Repair

Nobody likes to be on the sidelines. Whether it’s in a game, going to work or even just getting around. But knee injuries are a fact of life and here’s why. The knee joint is the largest and most complex and therefore the most stressed joint in the body. Truth is, having healthy knees is required to perform most everyday activities.

Unfortunately, the knee is also the most easily injured joint and the most commonly operated upon joint in the body. Knee pain, swelling, catching, locking, grinding or giving out are common signs of knee arthritis. Surgical correction may provide excellent relief and restore one’s ability to enjoy life and sports again.

So, whether you’re needed on the court, in the office, on the golf course or just able to respond to the call, we can help you be there. When you suffer from problems of the knee, such osteoarthritis, sports injuries, rheumatoid or traumatic arthritis, Dr. Howell can help you get better, heal faster and recover quicker.

Are you a candidate for Total Knee Replacement?

Take the Oxford Knee Score quiz to generate your score.

The best score is 48 and the worst score is 0.

If your score is less than 30, you might be a candidate for a knee replacement surgery.

“Our mission is to restore the native function of the knee and give our patients their lives back.”

Dr. Howell