Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a total knee replacement last?

There is a 90% chance that your new knee will work well at 20 years.

When can I drive a car?

You can drive a car when you are not taking the pain pills and you feel safe behind the wheel. If you get into an accident, then the cause should be a judgment error and not an inability to maneuver the car.

When can I play golf?

You can return to golf at your own pace. Begin putting and chipping, and then progress to the short irons then to the driver.

Does the feeling of stretching when bending the knee ever cause the wound to split open?

No, we close your wound in three layers, with three sets of sutures and staples. Feel confident straightening and bending the knee that the wound is secure.

When will the swelling and pain disappear in my knee?

Swelling is normal and will gradually subside over 3-4 months. Elevation and short frequent exercises for a few minutes are the best ways for managing swelling. Forceful exercising for extended periods of time keep the knee swollen even with elevation. You are the best determinant of what your knee will let you do. Once the swelling subsides, the pain will too.

When will the warmth and redness disappear in my knee?

Warmth and redness in the knee is normal and will gradually subside over 3-4 months. It does not indicate an infection and is caused by increased blood supply, which brings a high concentration of nutrients to help heal the knee.

Why is there occasionally clicking or noise in the knee when I use it?

Contact between the metal and plastic tibial and femoral implants causes clicking and is more frequent when the knee is swollen and does not indicate that the parts are loose or broken. The frequency and loudness of the noise is greater when the knee is swollen.

I have heard that I might need antibiotics when I have dental work or other surgical procedures?

The American Dental Association no longer recommends the prophylactic use of antibiotics before dental procedures. Their 2015 recommendation can be found at this link:

Will my total knee replacement set off the metal detectors at the airport, stadiums, and government buildings?

Yes, it will. Expect to get patted down. Presenting a card showing you had a knee replacement does not help.

Is a total knee replacement like a normal knee?

About 30% of patients report their knee with the kinematically aligned total knee replacement is normal, while others notice a difference. Those that notice a difference do sense the knee is better than before surgery.

Can I kneel on my knee to do household chores and garden?

Kneeling will not hurt the knee; However, without practice it may make your knee hurt. Try kneeling on a foam pad. Patients that kneel frequently have less pain.